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Choose from the Top 4 exclusive Banks on ShweProperty for your Home Loan Now!

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သဃၤန္းကြ်န္းျမိဳ႕နယ္ ရွိ ကိုယ္ပိုင္ေျမေပၚတြင္ ေဆာက္လုပ္ထားေသာ မီနီကြန္ဒိုမ်ားကို ဘဏ္နွင့္ ခ်ိတ္ ဆက္၍ အရစ္ က် ု၀ယ္ယူနိုင္ပါသည္။
Mini Condo
သဃၤန္းကၽြန္းျမိဳဳ႕နယ္ ေဇာတိကလမ္းေပၚရွိအသင့္ေန အဆင့္ျမင့္ မီနီကြန္ဒို ေရာင္းရန္။
Mini Condo
ေအာင္ရတနာေဆးရံု အနီးရွိ အထပ္နိမ့္ အသင့္ေန အဆင့္ျမင့္ မီနီိကြန္ဒို ေရာင္းရန္ရွိသည္။
Mini Condo
စံျပေဆးရံု အနီး သြားလာရလြယ္ကူအဆင္ေျပျပီး တန္ဖိုးသင့္ အထပ္နိမ့္ မီနီကြန္ဒိုေရာင္းရန္ရွိသည္။
Mini Condo
ေမတၱာလမ္းမၾကီး နွင္ ့ (၁၀)ရပ္ကြက္ေဈးအနီး မာဃ(၅)လမ္းရွိ အဆင့္ျမင့္တိုက္ခန္းေျမညီထပ္ ေရာင္းရန္ရွိသည္။
ေတာင္ဥကၠလာျမိဳ႕နယ္ ရတနာလမ္းအနီး မိဂသီလမ္းရွိ တန္းဖိုးသင့္တိုက္ခန္းက်ယ္ကို ဘဏ္ႏွင့္ခ်ိတ္ဆက္၍ ၀ယ္ယူႏိုင္ပါသည္။
သာေကတျမိဳ႔နယ္ ယမံုနာလမ္းမအနီးရွိ တိုက္ခန္းကို အရစ္က်၀ယ္ယူႏို္င္ပါသည္။
သာေကတၿမိဳ႕နယ္ သုမနလမ္းမၾကီးေပၚရွိ ျမင္ကြင္းက်ယ္ အသင့္ေနတိုက္ခန္းက်ယ္ ေရာင္းရန္ရွိသည္။

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Myanmar Real Estate - Buy, Sell and Rent Property Online

Welcome to ShweProperty.com, Myanmar’s number one online real estate group. Shweproperty.com is the leading property portal website in Myanmar (Burma) - currently listing hundreds of thousands of properties for sale and rent all over the country. With a lot of properties on the website, we attract thousands of people and visitors to our real estate website every day. You can also find a lot of new developments listed on our real estate and Property website too.

ShweProperty is a real estate sales and marketing agent in Myanmar (Burma). We are a real estate company based in Yangon bringing all real estate properties for the entire country onto our website. Moreover, ShweProperty partners with major property developers around the country and all properties listings are up to date and correct.

Post your property on ShweProperty.com, Myanmar’s leading real estate portal, or try a sample free of charge. We have real estate property to buy and rent listings from all over the country of Myanmar (Burma), including properties for sale at Yangon, properties for sale in Mandalay and properties to buy in Naypyidaw, the new capital city. ShweProperty.com has properties for rent in these cities, too.

ShweProperty has also brought the latest new development projects that are being constructed around the entire country, and ready to occupy in the near future. If you are here to buy a property, you have landed in the right place.

We at ShweProperty have thousands of properties that you can buy or rent in all major cities as well as in the countryside. ShweProperty.com is partnered with Myanmar (Burma)’s leading property developers in our beautiful land.

All you have to do is to take simple and easy steps to using the website, you can find everything you need in the right place of the website. We can also provide advice on home loans and insurance plans for you too.

Needing some advice on Myanmar (Burma) properties? We are ready to assist you in these cases too! Reach to us through email or make a call to us, and we will do the rest for you. If you’d like learn more about our property partners? Just go through here.

The most popular properties to buy are in Yaw Min Gyi area, Sanchaung area in Yangon and Myo Tit area in Mandalay, check those properties too, on your search. Check out modern and new development projects in key heart locations across Myanmar (Burma) such as Yangon, Mandalay, Taunggyi, Naypyidaw, and Mawlamying. Or if you are interested to buy homes in quiet but key areas in Myanmar (Burma), you would probably want to check golden valley area.

You will find this website very useful whether you are finding an apartment to buy, a condo for sale or a new office space to work, or property types like hotels, restaurants, and bars, night clubs. You can find all these here on Shweproperty.com, the leading online real estate portal group in Myanmar.

ShweProperty.com also keeps you up to date with latest leading property news in Myanmar (Burma), too: just see the latest property news on our website with just one click. We are more than the biggest real estate marketplace in Myanmar (Burma), we can assist you in many other cases such as applying for home loans and mortgages for your dream home, owning insurance for your property for safer living.

ShweProperty is known for providing more resources to every visitor, and is recognized as the leading online real estate website in Myanmar (Burma). Make a call to us if you require any assistance whether you’re posting your property (or) need more information on cases like taxes, registering your property and contract related issues.

If you are a property agent and would like to post your property on ShweProperty, our ShweProperty team is very happy and energetic to help you post your property ad.

Reach us through our Shweproperty website, Facebook page and make a call. Check out all the great resources available on ShweProperty.com for our Location, Profiles and Investor Guides: Learn more about Myanmar (Burma), Yangon, Mandalay & Naypyidaw. Also see more information about Properties in Myanmar (Burma), Foreign Ownership in Myanmar (Burma) & property guide.

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